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Quick Improvement with Technology

Feedback is important to your improvement. We use high quality video & software on all of our lessons. Leave with a voice over video lesson and so much more.

Launch Monitor

We use a Flightscope X3 which utilize a fusion tracking.

Patented technology that combines 3D tracking radar and image processing for unmatched data accuracy

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Capto Putting Sensor

CAPTO is a putting analysis system

composed by an high accuracy sensor and associated software. CAPTO offers analysis in real time.

Indoor & outdoor, in real game conditions.

Hackmotion Wrist sensor

Hackmotion Wrist Sensor
Get instant measurements of the lead wrist after each swing, compare data to Tour players and set biofeedback to improve learning curve. Full Wrist Angle Measurement. Real-Time Biofeedback. Full swing, Pitching and Putting mode


Smart2move 3D Force Plates

we are proud to offer an innovative measuring device with high precision force measurement in 3 Dimensions.

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