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Beginner's guide to competitive Junior Golfers

Guide to Beginner Competitive Junior Golf age 8-13yrs old


US Kids Local Tour

US Kids Regional & State

US Kids World Championship

The US Kids local tour is a great place to start your junior golfers with tournament golf. This tour allows parents to caddy and help their golfers during the event. You can collect points in hopes of competing at the state level or Worlds Championship level at Pinehurst, NC.


Just like how you would not expect your 12 yrs. old to drive a car. Do not expect them to be successful in golf with adult size and poorly fitted clubs. US Kids equipment is the leading starter kit. You could select clubs by height (which is a good place to start) for beginner junior golfers. I would recommend starting with the 'super light' and move on to the 'tour series' as your child gets more developed.

For Juniors reaching the age of 11 plus:

I really like the PING Junior option. It is a huge jump in performance and price. However, it is hard to beat if you are not looking to go to a fitter and customize every single club. The Prodi-G & Thrive are amazing products. They describe their product as “junior size but adult technology”. They also offer a bonus re-fit when your kid outgrows them.

Coach Jarut Padung preparing juniors for tournament golf

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