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Learn Golf Quick: Trail Arm stuff for Golfers

This is one of the most common element that every golfers tend to think about as they are trying to work on their golf swing. Most of us have herd “stay connected” “keep right arm tucked”. While there is not a single way to have an efficient and predictable golf shot, these common sayings can dictate golfer’s Intention and often lead to confusion.

Here are some simple directions for the average golfers:


If you fall into the category of golfers that keep their trail arm straight early in takeaway, and club head inward. Later in backswing, you catch yourself bending your trail arm a ton and trail shoulder internally rotated(not always a bad thing).

Fix: Give these keys a try

At takeaway, try working a soft bend in the trail arm. Late in the backswing, try leaving it alone or maintaining the amount of bend in the trail arm. It is completely okay if you fall a touch off On the spectrum.

Drill: tee up golf ball, establishing takeaway position, make a smooth 50% speed swing.

Hope you find this tip helpful and let’s have a great year in 2022. Follow me at @coachja23 on Instagram for videos.

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