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Most Popular Technology Utilized in Putting Instruction

Technology utilized in Putting Instruction


Capto is a high tech motion sensor technology In my understanding. It attaches to the putter, from my experience you can’t feel it is there because it’s closer to the handle. It provides important data parameters that helps instructors like myself determine patterns. I love using it outdoor. I believe the advantage is the easy setup and how versatile it feels.

SAM Putt Lab

I believe the SAM Putt lab utilizes ultra sound technology. It gives many similar data parameters with numbers coming out slightly different than the CAPTO because they are measuring different things wi to different method. The SAM Putt lab has been around a lot longer and I love this equipment Indoor. I find the outdoor setup more difficult. Love this technology and have been around it for years, tracking back to my academy days.

Quintic Ball Roll

Quintic ball roll has been around for a long time. it is often utilized by putter fitter. I believe it utilizes high speed cameras to come up with parameters related to the impact zone of the putt.

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