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Top 3 must have to get your children into Golf

Top 3 must have to get your children into Golf.

In the Phoenix/Scottsdale, AZ area, golf is definitely one of the most important social activity. I have had many interactions with adult golfers trying to get their children into golf with intentions of spending quality time together. Here are my top 3 must have starter kit:

1) Equipment

Going to the range with adult clubs is definitely one way to make sure that your juniors would have a bad first experience. Getting the right tools is key. There are so many questions regarding height and sizes. The USKids Golf clubs are the way to go with Junior that are around 12 years old and under. There is option to shop by height. That’s where I would start. They really do a great job with swing weights.

If they are older and more advanced look into PING Junior Set

2) Practice Facility

One of the hardest thing to find in Phoenix could be simply a non-intimidating driving range if you do not have a membership to a fancy private country club. My favorite places are Paradise Valley Park Driving range($10 buckets) and Coronado Driving Range($7-20) you can go out there with casual clothing and not have to worry about being judged.

3) Golf Programs

it is important to make sure they get good quick and have fun with other juniors. I recommend trying to get them into a class setting where they can develop skills and be with other beginners.

America Golf Academy

Junior Golf Classes in Scottsdale, Arizona. At McCormick Ranch GC. Very small setting with max of 4 juniors If you are looking for lots of 1-on-1 coaching taught by Golf Digest’s Best Young Teachers with over a decade of junior golf lessons.

First Tee Program

Nationwide and backed by famous golf professionals. Extremely affordable.

PGA Junior League is running Out of the majority of golf courses in town. Affiliated with the PGA and provide on-course instruction and matches.

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